For thousands of years, Syria has been at the centre of cultural exchange. Each chapter in world history has left its mark on Syrian heritage, as is seen in the country’s countless historical sites and monuments. For this reason, Syria is known as the ‘Cradle of Civilizations’. To make your stay in Syria a memorable experience, we suggest the following tours designed especially for our guests..


Enigmatic yet welcoming, busy yet laid-back, Damascus truly is an extraordinary capital. At the meeting point of Asia, Africa and Europe, the city is known as a living museum of monuments, mosques, churches, antiques and handicrafts, a testament to the many civilizations and religious traditions that have called the city home since 5000 BC.

An endless range of sights and attractions demonstrate the region’s rich history. Within the Old City, beyond the ruins of the Roman wall and its seven gates, Bab Sharqi sits at the end of the ‘Street Called Straight’ where Saint Paul underwent his dramatic conversion. From the impressive expanse of the Umayyad Mosque (the fourth most important site in Islam, housing the shrine of John the Baptist, known to Muslims as the Prophet Yahya) to the Qassioun Mountain (where the Book of Genesis says Cain killed Abel, and the Prophet Mohammed first admired the beauty of Damascus) one can clearly understand why the city holds such enormous significance for both Muslims and Christians.
Damascus was the major trading post on the ancient Silk Route and is still recognized for its Damask silk brocade, carpets and beautiful inlaid woodwork. Examples of these can be found at the Azem Palace and Museum, as it showcases some of the finest historic Syrian artifacts..

The covered shopping labyrinth of the Souk al-Hamidiyeh boasts a variety of traditional goods as well as household items, while the aromatic Souk al-Bzouriyeh is dedicated to spices, perfumes and sweetmeats. While exploring, one can choose from an abundance of first rate restaurants hidden within the interior courtyards of beautifully restored houses.

Ma`aloula and Seidnaya (Full day)

“Within a 45-minute drive from the hotel”


The scenic village of Ma’aloula dramatically clings to an enormous rock face at an altitude of more than 1,500m. It is significantly unique in that it is the only town in the world whose residents still speak Aramaic, the language of Christ. The village is also home to the Mar Sarkis and Mar Taqla monasteries – the latter holding the remains of Saint Taqla, a distinguished pupil of Saint Paul.


The convent of Seidnaya sits on a stunning hilltop setting surrounded by vineyards and olive groves just 37 km north of Damascus. It houses a marvelous ancient icon believed to have been painted by Saint Luke, and is venerated by both Christians and Muslims.